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Welcome to Maratus!

Welcome to the wiki for the campaign! Bear with me, as I’m currently still trying to complete entries for all the gods and races. If you can’t wait for me to add information about a certain god or race, send me a message and I can tell you more about whatever you want.

The People of Maratus

Player Races

  1. The Ana-Tori
  2. The Isians
  3. The Jia-Than
  4. The Makramosa
  5. The Maarduni

Religions of Maratus

The Common Pantheon

  1. Auberae, Goddess of Magic
  2. Bahamut, God of Good Dragons
  3. Besta, God of Beasts
  4. Cedos, God of Death
  5. Chamos, God of Fire
  6. Debrona, Goddess of the Harvest
  7. Diafernes, God of Rogues
  8. Diera, Goddess of Kindly Wildlife
  9. Engaenes, Goddess of Deceit
  10. Erastos, God of War
  11. Estra, Mother of All Things
  12. Faerah, Goddess of Leadership
  13. Fol, God of Madness
  14. Genest, God of Healing
  15. Gesh, God of the Written Word
  16. Kennaea, Goddess of Knowledge
  17. Ligestos, God of Love
  18. Lobadra, God of Slaughter
  19. Luon, God of the Moon
  20. Mara, Goddess of the Sea
  21. Pedros, God of the Earth
  22. Rictaris, God of Law
  23. Strata, Goddess of Lust
  24. Syedes, God of Art
  25. Therona, Goddess of Strategy
  26. Tiamat, Goddess of Evil Dragons
  27. Tolom, God of Corruption
  28. Ventos, God of Wind
  29. Verus, God of Decay
  30. Vierna, Goddess of Winter
  31. Vremus, God of Time
  32. Weeyr, God of Weather
  33. Woraedes, God of Truth
  34. Zona, Goddess of the Sun

Places in Maratus


  1. The Ana-Tori Domain
  2. The Isian Imperium
  3. The Jia-Than Collective
  4. The Maarduni Prefectures
  5. The Regency of Makra

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