The Written Word

Holy symbol of Gesh

The god of history and literacy, Gesh, is Lawful Neutral. Historians, wizards, and learned people in general worship him. It is said that once, Woraedes listened to the humans telling stories in the mortal realm and realized to his chagrin that the humans were speaking falsehoods – without even meaning to. He realized that humans were quick to forget details heard by word of mouth and substitute their own without thinking. The only way to prevent this was to find a way to provide a means to permanently record stories: in order to think and muse upon it, Woraedes split into two gods; one part of him presided over truth, while the other, which named himself Gesh, considered ways to permanently record facts in the name of truth.

However, when Woraedes came to check upon Gesh’s progress, he found that he had succeeded in creating the written word, but was using it to write fanciful stories that had not happened. The other gods cheered and laughed at the recital of Gesh’s far-fetched stories, but Woraedes considered the exercise a meaningless failure. Gesh went on to give man the written word as a gift, and they have used it with gratitude ever since. The domains Gesh is associated with are Glory, Law, and Rune. His favored weapon is the longsword.


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