Avarielle Gaius



Level 1 Isian Ranger

STR 14 (+2) DEX 18 (+4) CON 13 (+1) INT 13 (+1) WIS 14 (+2) CHA 11 (+0)

AC 16 Touch AC 14 Flat-footed AC 12


Name Attack Bonus Damage Critical Range Type Notes
Short Sword +0 1d6 19-20/x2 Melee Piercing Right Hand
Short Sword -4 1d6 19-20/x2 Melee Piercing Left Hand
Club +3 1d6 x2 10ft Bludgeoning None
Shortbow +5 1d6 x3 60ft Piercing None

HP 8


Speed 30 ft. Initiative Mod (+4)

Class Features on page 47 of the Player’s Handbook


Avarielle (Avvy) is originally from the southern-most region of the Isian Imperium. Her father was a member of the town guard established to protect the locals from any potential invasions from the Jia-Than, while her mother spent most of her time at home, making clothes, cooking, and taking care of the family’s small garden. One day when she was about five years old, she went out in the woods with a friend to gather fruits and have fun. Upon her return to the town, she found nothing but fire and death. After wandering around the burning ruins for some time, a friend of the family found her and took her north. They stayed in a city for a few days, until a monk from the temples in the capital offered to take her with him and make her a priestess. She stayed there for many years before suddenly leaving and taking a boat across the bay to Makramosa, where she has been ever since.

This former priestess still looks at home in elegant clothing, but does not seem at all awkward in her forest garb. She has spent a vast majority of her time in the Regency of Makra (a few years) in the desert, or, at the very least, away from major cities. When she is within city limits she covers her face and becomes very jumpy and ill at ease, her gaze never resting. She quickly gets what she needs and leaves again, seeking sanctuary in the dangerous wilds.

Avarielle Gaius

Maratus Avarielle